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Improve the look of your walkway or driveway by installing Unilock stones. Our Unilock stones in Long Branch, NJ have unique looks and strength. In addition, they are weather resistant and can withstand prolonged use. John Guire Co. specializes in supplying quality unilock stones made of superior ingredients.

Are Unilock stones permeable?

While unilock stones are not permeable, they can be installed in such a way that they allow water to drain into the earth without forming puddles. In addition, they come in a wide range of patterns, styles, and colors, which will enable you to add borders and accents to your patio.

How to choose unilock stones

Choosing the right unilock stones for your patio in Long Branch, NJ requires some careful deliberation. An important consideration to make when selecting unilock stones is your patio style. Choose stones that complement your current patio style.

Patio stones with clean edges and unique color gradients will look great in a contemporary style patio. On the other hand, choose our classic unilock stones if you want that charming, traditional patio design. Our unilock stones are durable, beautiful and can withstand the elements as well as excessive use.

Choose colors that either contrast or complement your outdoor space. Fun and bold contrasts create casual spaces while muted colors create relatively formal spaces. You can also use contrasting colors to create borders on your walkway or driveway. In addition, be sure to consider the size of your patio when choosing unilock stones.

The intensity of the wear and tear that your outdoor space will be exposed to should determine the type of stone you choose. For instance, porous stones are not suitable for uncovered surfaces because they are prone to algae growth. In addition, the stones that you choose for your poolside should be non-skid for safety. All of John Guire Co. unilock stones are slip resistant, have natural feel and hue, and age gracefully.

How do I tell sandstone and limestone unilock stones apart?

Both sandstone and limestone unilock stones are high-quality pavers that can be installed in any walkway, driveway, or patio. However, sandstone and limestone unilock stones have different appearances and texture. Limestone’s finer grain gives it a more subtle texture than sandstone. Whether you choose limestone or sandstone depends on your taste, landscape design, and personal preference for texture and shading.

Base Material

The right base material can help to stabilize your unilock stones. Sand and stone dust can cushion your patio stones and make the surface permeable. However, they are not the recommended base material for areas with heavy traffic.

Crushed stone makes a great base for areas that receive lots of traffic. However, it is important to use crushed stone that is specifically designed for use as a base material. If you want a temporary base material then compacted soil is a great choice.

Our contractors at John Guire Co. can supply and install Unilock stones in your patio, driveway, or walkway ensuring that it lasts for years. Call us today to make an order.

Unilock Stones Long Branch
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