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There are many types of chainsaws on the market, each with different features and power options. The landscaping experts at our STIHL store in Long Branch, NJ can help you find a chainsaw with the right size and power option for your needs.

What are the power options for a chainsaw?

The power option of a chainsaw determines its applications. Some of the benefits of gas-powered chainsaws are that they provide excellent power and are incredibly mobile. Many gas-powered chainsaws have two-cycle engines that use both gasoline and oil. You have the option of mixing the fuel yourself or buying fuel that has already been mixed.

Electric chainsaws are ideal for small pruning and light cutting jobs that do not require a lot of power. The advantages of this type of chainsaw are that they are quiet, start easily, and are easier to maintain. Electric chainsaws are available in both cordless and corded varieties.

The cordless varieties in our STIHL store in Long Branch, NJ offer excellent mobility and performance. In addition, they are lightweight and have a prolonged operating time.

Corded chainsaws are often lighter and eliminate the need for refueling or recharging. However, you need to consider the length of the extension cord when purchasing corded chainsaws. The length of the cord limits your work area. In addition, you have to keep the cord out of your way when working.

Finding the right fit

When looking for a chainsaw consider what you want to use it for, the size of branch or trunk you need to cut and the level of your experience using chainsaws. One of the best ways to judge the type of work a chainsaw can handle is by looking at its bar length. The longer the bar, the larger the diameter of wood the chainsaw can cut.

The performance of a chainsaw is determined by engine displacement, voltage, amperage, and horsepower. The power and performance of a chainsaw matter significantly if you are working with large trees and branches.

Longer bars and bigger motors often translate to more weight, which is an essential consideration if you will be using the chainsaw for a prolonged period. In addition, larger chainsaws often cause more vibrations that may affect handling and safety. If you are not an experienced chainsaw user, buy smaller, more comfortable to handle models.

What features should I look for when buying a chainsaw?

The features of a chainsaw determine its efficiency, comfort, and safety. Consider buying a chainsaw with vibration resistance to enhance comfort and minimize fatigue especially if you will be doing a lot of cutting.

Another essential feature to have in a chainsaw is automatic oiling to provide chain lubrication and make it safe and efficient. In addition, an automatic chain brake feature is also paramount for safety. Some models have manual chain brakes that you can activate. Other features to look for include low kickback, tool-less chain adjustment, air cleaner, and carrying case.

John Guire Co. provides lots of useful information regarding chainsaws. Stop by our STIHL store in Long Branch, NJ to view the chainsaws in our collection.

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Stihl Store Long Branch Nj Stihl Store Long Branch Nj Stihl Store Long Branch Nj Stihl Store Long Branch Nj