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When gardening, agriculture, landscaping or construction projects are carried out, the objective is of course that you perform a perfect work. To achieve this, in addition to knowledge and experience, the key to success is to have the right tools.

The adequate equipment will give you the expected result and will help you save time and money. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or do these jobs professionally, Stihl products are the ideal way to help you achieve this goal. It is essential that you know the great benefits of this brand, and why they will become your great ally for your projects.

Stihl: Unprecedented Tradition & Global Leadership

This brand was founded in 1926 in Germany by Andreas Stihl, having as its first innovative product an electric saw for two operators. Its performance in the world of wood allows even this brand and its founder to be considered the fathers of the chainsaw. The company's philosophy has always been the same, and is defined in its motto “Make work easier for people, in and with nature”.

Stihl's business model is based on three pillars: Quality, innovation and excellent user support. Thanks to this, this company has had sustained growth in the market worldwide. Currently, the brand has a presence in the five continents, with nine factories, and about 40K distributors, which makes it for a large advantage the leader in the industry. Among its achievements as a brand, Stihl has been the uninterrupted world leader in the chainsaw market since 1971.

Why Are Stihl Products The Best?

Since its inception, the company has been concerned with keeping its technologies, design, and products in constant innovation. Stihl has a development department with more than 400 engineers, one of the most robust in the industry. As a result, Stihl products always exhibit advances that significantly differentiate them from the competition.

Besides, development has gone beyond gardening and agriculture. Stihl has successfully ventured into other niches such as construction and minor engineering. If you would like to see the widest range of Stihl products in Monmouth NJ, please contact us; at John Guire Co. we will be happy to assist you.

Another competitive advantage Stihl products have is versatility. Most of their products have a variety of adaptable accessories that multiply the usefulness of the tool. Finally, the company not only cares about offering excellent pieces of machinery but also a wide range of lubricants, additives and spare parts, providing excellent support and helping users to have their tools in optimum condition.

Where to Buy Original Stihl Products?

The fame of the brand has brought as a consequence that the market abounds in imitations of their products. That is why when buying your Stihl equipment, the wisest thing is to go to an established distributor with a great trajectory like John Guire Co.

This will not only guarantee the legitimacy of your tools. Also, you will have the support of a company that will respond adequately for the guarantees, will offer you the best stock of accessories & spare parts, and will help you to keep your tools in excellent condition. If you want to have the best distributor of Stihl products in Monmouth NJ, we are your best choice. Contact us.

Stihl Products Monmouth Nj
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Stihl Products Monmouth Nj Stihl Products Monmouth Nj Stihl Products Monmouth Nj Stihl Products Monmouth Nj