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The use of rocks as a landscaping option is a great element for creating a functional and aesthetic look. When chosen well, rock landscaping creates a picturesque scenery for your domestic or commercial environment. It also controls the interaction with dust or mud depending on the season. The best thing about using rocks for landscaping is that you can always incorporate a personal taste with a twist of creativity to achieve a unique look.

At John Guire Co., we are the most reliable and professional team when it comes to landscape rocks in Long Branch. Our experience in landscaping and repair services has given us in-depth knowledge and a greater understanding of how to best deliver what our clients need.

What are The Best Rocks to Use When Landscaping?

  • Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite creates a look that is soft with a rustic touch. Its sandy texture makes it best choice to be used around trees or in the garden as a cover or trail. It is the most affordable landscaping rock.

  • Crushed Granite Gravel

This type of gravel is larger compared to decomposed granite. Therefore, making it perfect to be used in the yard as it creates a smooth transition between the plants and the path.

  • Pea Gravel

The most common sizes are an eighth and a quarter. The sizes make them perfect to be used as covers in the driveways and parking lots. They can also be used to cover up spaces between stone pavers. Given the wide range of colors, pea gravel gives a beautiful and artistic appearance. 

  • Lava Rock

Just as its name suggests, the lava rock comes from the remains of volcanic processes. Although it may cost a fortune, it is made of attractive colors which may be what your landscape needs. The artistic features of these rocks make them able to be incorporated in any design of the landscape and still be able to stand out.

  • River Rock

These are the smoothest of all the landscaping rocks. They have a touch of beauty given the different sizes and shade of hues they come in. River rocks make the best borders for kitchen gardens and creeks.

What are The Dos of Rock Landscaping?

Using different types of rocks in different places creates an exemplary landscape.

The rocks should be well balanced with the presence of plants to tone them down. The best plants to go for are the succulents.

Have a well laid out plan of what you need to accomplish before purchasing rocks.

Rock Landscaping Services

Whether you are constructing a new building, repairing, or renovating, landscaping is an integral part of real estate and construction. At John Guire Co., we provide landscape rocks in Long Branch among other services and repairs to make your landscape get that magnificent look.

Our years of experience in landscaping services has made us the ideal choice for all your landscaping needs. If you have any queries or you’d like a quotation, get in touch with us on 732-222-0613 to discuss your project.

Landscape Rocks Long Branch
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