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When we think about where we want to call home, often the first thing that comes to mind is the landscape. We are attracted to places with leveled ground, attractive natural sceneries, and generally the striking beauty of a home's exterior. The landscape is a million-dollar selling point for just about every real estate and construction agency.

Among the various methods of landscaping, the use of red mulch has proven to be quite effective, especially in creating that contrast that is desired in any given environment.

At John Guire Co., we specialize in landscaping materials, including bulk red mulch in Long Branch. 

Uses of Mulch

From a gardening perspective, mulching is basically providing the simplest form of ground cover. The whole idea of mulching is to protect the ground from excessive evaporation, regulate soil temperatures, and enrich the soil with nutrients.

Mulching also provides control against weeds, safeguards the soil against erosion, and keeps some plants and fruits like strawberries clean. When you practice mulching, you create a distinct differentiation between what is below and above the ground level in a way that works to their advantage.

What Is Mulch Made Of?

A large percentage of mulch is made from sawdust, composite, and the remains of plastic, paper, or gravel. The color of mulch, meanwhile, is determined by the primary materials used in the manufacturing process.

When it comes to red mulch, we have organic and inorganic. Organic red mulch is a product of the lumber milling process of cider, cypress, pine, or redwood. Some of the mulch is also produced from composting products like horse beddings and recycled paper products. Sometimes, a dye can be added.

Inorganic mulch does not decompose like organic mulch, as it is made from tires, plastic, and pebbles. Inorganic mulch is most commonly used in homes because it is easily found in retail shops for home improvement. Typically, the color is added during the manufacturing process.

What are The Uses of Red Mulch?

Red mulch is used to create an aesthetic feel to the landscape. Besides that, red organic mulch brings extra nutrients to plants as they decompose. It is for this advantage that organic mulch is used to grow plants that could benefit from ground cover, like tomatoes.

The type of mulch that's best to use depends on the goal of mulching and your budget. Organic red mulch tends to be more affordable compared to inorganic.

Red Mulch Landscaping Services

Are you in need of bulk red mulch in Long Branch? John Guire Co. is the supplier to call. We will provide you with landscaping products that will create beautiful scenery in your space.

Our professionalism and expertise in premium landscape materials, power equipment, and repair services make us the best place to purchase your landscaping supplies. Our aim is to ensure that all of our clients are highly satisfied with our services. In addition, our prices are very competitive in the market.

If you need more information on our equipment and services or you'd like a pricing quote, call us at 732-222-0613.

Bulk Red Mulch Long Branch
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