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Using the right mulch will help you achieve healthy planting in your landscape. Whether it is around your beautiful trees and plants, or on the bare soil, garden mulch adds significant benefits to your landscaping. Any spreadable natural material can be used as mulch; however, most homeowners go for black mulch for its many advantages.

At John Guire Co., we supply black mulch in Long Branch, among many other landscaping materials. We also provide our customers with power equipment and professional repair services.

How is Black Mulch Made?

Black mulch can be made from either organic or synthetic materials. Sometimes color is applied to give it a black look for aesthetic appeal. The following are different types of black mulch and how they are achieved:

  • Rock Mulch

Rock and gravel are some of the common organic materials used in making black mulch. This type of mulch has a natural color which fades over time. Rock mulch does not decompose and is, therefore, a long-term solution for your garden.

  • Dyed Mulch

Dyed mulch is made from wood products such as bark and wood chips. These products are dyed using a water-soluble stain or dye. There are various colors of dyed mulch, one of them being black.

  • Plastic and Rubber Mulch

Black mulch can be formulated from synthetic materials such as rubber and plastic.

How to Choose the Right Mulch for Your Garden?

Selecting the right mulch for your garden will help you achieve the best results. Mulch is basically anything used to cover the soil. However, not every type of mulch will benefit your organic garden. Black mulch will give you the best outcome if you put these tips into consideration:

  • Use minimal landscaping fabric as opposed to mulch. Using fabric underneath mulch is good for controlling weed in your garden. However, too much of it might slow the amount of water and other organic matters reaching the soil, therefore making your garden soil less fertile.
  • Use organic mulch if possible. Organic mulch decomposes and is good for your soil health. Your garden will consume less water since organic mulch has the ability to hold onto water for a long time.

Uses of Black Mulch

Whether plastic or organic, black mulch can be put into a number of applications in your home or work premises. Some of the uses of black mulch include:

  • To Stop Ground Contact

As a gardener, you want your vegetables and fruits to be as clean as possible during harvest. Black mulch prevents squashing and ground contact.

  • To Protect Plants

Use black mulch to prevent weeds from sprouting in your garden.

  • To Warm the Soil

Black mulch absorbs sunlight and thus warms garden soil that is cold or covered in the shadows.

Where to Get Black Mulch

At John Guire Co., we are the leading suppliers of black mulch in Long Branch. We care about your environment and thus provide our customers with quality, environmental-friendly black mulch at competitive prices.

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